Focus on Winter Health

Follow Optometrist Francesca Marchetti’s top tips for keeping your eyes fresh and moisturised during the cold months:

Turn the heating down and the moisture up!

When it gets cold outside, we all tend to turn the heating up and close the windows to keep the chill at bay. This can prevent fresh air and moisture from circulating and can in turn dry out our eyes, making them feel uncomfortable and irritated. By turning the heating dial down a little and using a humidifier at home, you will help to add moisture to the air and keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable.

Did you know?

Using a lubricating eye drop such as Murine® dry and tired eyes can help to restore lost moisture to the eyes, relieving discomfort and reducing redness.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

During the winter months it can be difficult to remember to keep yourself hydrated and this can dry out your eyes. When the body is dehydrated the eyes produce less tears, which means the mucous membrane covering the eye can become dry. Warm beverages such as coffee can be comforting when it’s cold outside but many of these, along with alcohol during the party season, are diuretics so be sure to drink water as well.

Did you know?

Keeping hydrated and having a spray solution such as Murine® refresh & soothe eye mist in your bag will help to keep your eyes moisturised and hydrated throughout the season.

Contact care

If you regularly wear contact lenses you will be aware that it is important to maintain a high level of care of them and your eyes. Wearing contacts can be particularly drying on the eye, occasionally causing discomfort and irritation. So during the winter months when additional environmental factors can cause your eyes to feel dry, it is important that you keep them as hydrated as possible.

Did you know?

Using a drop such as Murine® contacts refresh & clean eye drops which help to lubricate  the eye and keep it moisturised, will also re-wet your lenses to help  ease and prevent any discomfort which may occur from wearing them, especially during the winter.

Wrap up warm

The weather in the winter can be particularly harsh, with cold temperatures and strong winds taking its toll on our bodies whenever we venture outside.  Wind in particular can be unkind to the eyes, drying them out and causing them to become irritated and sore. It’s important when you’re out and about to wrap up warm, opting for clothing which protects your face from the wind as much as possible, including items such as hooded jackets. Wearing spectacles or sunglasses (yes, in the winter) will protect your eyes from the elements and will help prevent them drying out.

Taking to the slopes?

If you are a fan of jetting off to the ski slopes for a well deserved break, remember to pack your sunglasses! The intensity of the UV rays from the sun can be hugely increased when there is snow on the ground due to the glare. Even if you are not on the slopes, it is important to protect your eyes by ensuring that you are wearing sunglasses with a high UV protection filter. Look for the CE marking and the BS markings too: BS EN 1836 or BS EN 174

Going into hibernation?

For many of us, the thought of venturing out into the cold weather is less than appealing and we much prefer to stay in with a night in front of the TV.  If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen at work and then like to spend your evening curled up with your favourite film, this can take its toll on your eyes. When looking at a screen for long periods of time, make sure you blink regularly and take frequent breaks. This will help to stop your eyes from getting tired and uncomfortable. Remember the ’20, 20, 20, 20’ rule - every 20 minutes look 20 feet away for 20 seconds and blink 20 times.

Did you know?

If you are sensitive to preservatives but are looking for an eye drop to relieve the effects of dry eyes, then Murine® Professional Advanced Dry Eye Relief’s preservative free formulation will help. The solution works with your tears to lubricate and restore the condition of your eye’s surface, relieve the dryness and soothe the irritation.

Cold and Flu Season

Seasonal illnesses such as colds and flu, can affect our eyes too, leaving them looking red and puffy, and feeling irritated and uncomfortable. This happens as the flu or cold virus disrupts the tear film, and sinuses become blocked. Using a cold compress will help reduce swelling.

Did you know?

An eye drop like Murine® irritation & redness relief is great for reducing the blood shot appearance of eyes and treating minor irritations. Available only from the pharmacy counter. Contains naphazoline hydrochloride.  Always read the label.