Murine Bright & Moist - how it works

Murine® bright & moist eyes is formulated with a brightener to give super-white, bright eyes. These eye drops also contain two moisturisers to help to refresh and soothe eyes, make them sparkle and alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes. The eye drops come in a liquid gel, which helps the drops to stay in the eye for longer. Fast acting and long lasting, Murine® bright & moist eyes is ideal for great looking  & great feeling eyes, in an instant.

When to use

Hectic and demanding lifestyles can take their toll and make your eyes appear tired and dull. Whether it is an early start, a day in front of the computer or a long journey – sometimes our eyes need a little refreshing.
Use the eye drops first thing in the morning or before that important night out.

Other advice from our experts - Dr Sarah Jarvis’ top tips for achieving bright and sparkling eyes:

  • Maintain a balanced diet - cut down on salty food, alcohol, and drink plenty of water. Keeping your body hydrated is vital for ocular health.
  • Rest up - make sure you are getting lots of sleep, if you look tired so will your eyes.
  • Eye drops - You can use specialised brightening drops to bring out the natural properties, such as the white part of the eye and make them sparkle.
  • Check your eyes - go for regular eye checks from your local optician – at least every 2 years or more often if your optician recommends it.